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Immunity Elderberry


Immunity Elderberry


Your body is only as strong as your first line of defense. Fight off germ invasions, with antioxidants from Elderberry and 100% Daily Value of Zinc, and sip your way to a strong immune system before the symptoms ever strike.


Tell me what it tastes like:

A burst of lush berry with subtle ginger spice.

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    The co-stars of IMMUNITY


    Contains antioxidants and flavonoids that partner up to help support the immune system and keep it functioning efficiently.


    An essential mineral, Zinc is said to minimize vulnerability to preventable ailments and support immune recovery.

    Germs are out,
    BOLTS are in.

    This potent (and delicious) antioxidant blend is the first line of defense against germ invasion. 

    Ingredients: Blackberry Juice From Concentrate (Water, Blackberry Juice Concentrate), Elderberry Juice From Concentrate (Water, Elderberry Juice Powder), Merlot Grape Juice, Lemon Juice, Ginger Juice, Acerola Fruit Juice Powder, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate.

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    Made for your Everyday.

    Don't miss out on the good life. Let your strong IMMUNITY unlock time to spend with loved (or just liked) ones. Never fall prey to sick day FOMO.

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    Frequently asked Questions

    What is the difference between the two Immunity BOLTS?
    It's the same function but different flavors! Both formulations are crafted to support immunity but depending on your palette you might prefer one over the other. If you like both, you can enjoy a little variety and switch between the two.
    Do BOLTS contain added sugar?
    No. All formulas contains 0g of added sugar.
    Are BOLTS vegan?
    Yes, BOLTS are vegan.
    Do BOLTS contain gluten?
    No, BOLTS are gluten free.
    Are BOLTS non-GMO?
    Yes, BOLTS are non-GMO.
    Where do you ship?
    We currently ship domestically within the Continental United States.
    What is your shipping schedule/processing time?
    Depending on what time you place your order, processing and shipping takes 1 - 4 business days.
    How do you ship your products to arrive cold?
    We ship BOLTS with cold packs in an insulated box to keep them nice and cold upon arrival for optimal freshness. Once your BOLTS arrive don't forget to refrigerate!
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    Frequently Asked Questions
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